gayandbeautiful: Why is Darren the only one with a shirt though?


Because there’s no picture of a shirtless Darren Criss with a dog, if there was one I would get it tattooed.

And I could have left him out but it’s Darren Criss with a puppy so I couldn’t leave him out. You know what I mean?

Fair enough.

Anonymous: the new normal is good!! but too bad it was cancelled after season 1 😢😢

I know! I know, right?! It’s so sad. It was adorable.

Anonymous: does kissing feel good?

It sure does!!!

My friend told me to get on tumblr to look at her hot men with puppy - post. I was not disappointed.



BF: Let's get married
Me: okay. But I'm sad you asked me like this.
Bf: I was just kidding.
Me: no, no take-backs. I already said yes.

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Anonymous: Do you have any idea of when the new season of Glee is supposed to be on?

No :(
But if you find out, let me know!