Dan and I are watching glee season 1. And we miss that show. 😔

ohmygod-lookatherblog: i think that anon thinks you're a woman aha

I think so too hahaha

not-into-dick: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself and answer publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers!

1. I’m a very romantic boyfriend
2. I’m nice (I try to be)
3. I have an amazing family
4. I’m bipolar and I have major moodswings but I’m doing much much better! :)
5. I love my followers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous: Hey beautiful! Are you kidding? I can't believe you think you don't have many talents!!! I think you're just too young to see them, maybe... but trust me... you have lots of beautiful talents: you're compassionate and empathic about other people problems, you hace this great sensibility about beautiful things, you're a great uncle, and brother, and son... I mean, sure, Dan is great, but he is not the best part of you... You are pretty great yourself! Love and kisses my poli-taletented friend ;)

Thank you so so so much. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. But I really appreciate what you said and it made me feel so much better. Love you ❤️

cutegaycouples2014: So, tell me about you and your boyfriend, you two sound the cutest, write as much as you want, the more, the cuter <3

Well we met in secondary school. We were friends before and then it kind of of developed into something more over the years. And now we are living together. Well he lives with me and my parents because he had trouble at home. And he’s super handsome and sexy and funny and smart and sweet and I love him a lot. And he just hit me with a pillow. :)

Anonymous: what's modern family about tho

It’s a comedy about a family. I can’t really say that much about it haha.
And it’s really funny.
There’s a gay couple too. And Sofia Vergara is a queen! 😁

Anonymous: Hey i need ur help, how long r u and dan living together now? Cause i want to live togehther w my boyfriend too but im scared that we split up then and we moved house and stuff just for nothing then :"(( ps love ur blog

For about a year and a half now and we are doing great. But it’s different for everyone! We also live with my parents and siblings so that’s also different from being with just the two of us.

But I would wait till you’re absolutely sure and know that you guys have a stable relationship and things like you described won’t happen.


Anonymous: Help please? I have been at college for about a month now and I have become really good friends with the guys below my dorm. One in particular we were really flirty and close and there was totally a thing going on between us, and two weeks into our friendship he told me he has a GF. we hang out all the time and I have such a huge crush on him. he is having trouble with his gf but I am not going to be the girl that breaks them up but, it hurts so bad. what do I do? I can't go after him with a gf

No that’s true you shouldn’t come between them but they are having trouble so I wouldn’t say there isn’t any hope and there is nothing wrong with telling him that you like him a lot. :)

I just wouldn’t “do anything with it” while he has a girlfriend. But there’s nothing wrong with just talking about it I think.