Anonymous: go see troyes tumblr omg his single happylittlepill <3

I know ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

gayandsexyy: He is the sweetest, he's modest, he does what's right and he will never judge anyone or assume things about them. I have to admit that sometimes he says things that come out all wrong, but that's just in texts. We had many fights via iMessage that were solved in a nano second as soon as we talked in person. But Michael always has good intentions, always! He's not the person most of you think he is because most of you don't know him. He deserves nothing but love. He's the best!!


gayandsexyy: Can I say that my boyfriend gives advice to people on his blog every day, that he always tries to help, that he gets messages from people saying how much hope they get from his blog. So what sometimes he jumps too a conclusion too quickly? So what he only tells good stuff about us? And tells that he's happy with our relationship? That's not wrong!!

Yes you can say that 😘

Anonymous: why do you get hate? :/

Because apparently I’m arrogant.

And because I said something about Russia.

And because I always Jump too wrong conclusions too quickly.


Anonymous: I love you xx

I love you toooooooo :) x
Are you always the same person?

Anonymous: I love you and Dan! Going to your blog always makes me feel better 😊 Hope you're doing well!

Thank you so so much xxx

Anonymous: I love you xx :(

I love you too xxxxx

Anonymous: Mike... :(


Anonymous: I miss you

I’m right here xx